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The Fire Service in Humboldt County and the communities we serve rely heavily on our volunteer firefighters. We are looking for people that are motivated to a life style that portrays community involvement, family values and a positive attitude towards constant and consistent improvement. We urge you to consider; supporting your community, saving a life, making a difference. These are just a few of the ultimate rewards of becoming a volunteer with your local fire department.

The benefits associated with being a volunteer firefighter are numerous, not only do you feel the pride of community service but you are able to work with people from all walks of life and experiences. There is wealth of knowledge in a volunteer fire department, someone will have “Been there, done that“, all you have to do is ask; the support network found in a volunteer fire department is like no other.

The Fire Departments in the Eel River Valley are ramping up recruitment activities in preparation for the upcoming Eel River Valley Fire Academy as well as other training opportunities through the winter and spring months ahead. The skills that volunteer firefighters learn are numerous and can be useful not only on a fire/rescue scene but at home and at the work place as well. Common requirements to join a volunteer fire department include a minimum age of 18 years, physical exam and background check. For those of you that might want to get an earlier start, we suggest you look into our Junior Firefighter Program for ages 14 to 20. While volunteers in most departments are predominantly male, we all support women in the fire service and have seen many great success stories, in fact the second highest score in the history the Eel River Valley Fire Academy belongs to a female firefighter. Maybe you are a previous member of a fire department and have moved to a new community, I assure you your services are welcome.

As the saying goes “If it weren’t for volunteers who would answer the call for help?” In many of our communities this is definitely the case. Firefighters will usually be the first on scene be it a fire, accident, medical emergency, rescue or any sort of disaster – when the fire whistle blows, they answer the call. If you have the desire to help others, maybe on the worst day of their lives, then volunteering as a firefighter in your community just might be the right thing for you. Contact your local department for more information.

In the Eel River Valley you can call/contact the numbers below:

Fire Department Phone Number Contact Email
Scotia VFD 764-4322 John Broadstock
Rio Dell VFD  764-3329  Shane Wilson
Ferndale VFD  786-9909 Dennis DelBiaggio
Loleta VFD  733-5407  Jeff Robison
Fortuna VFD  725-5021  Carmen Glass
Carlotta VFD  768-3681  Todd Calvo
Bridgeville VFD  777-3424 Scott Katzdorn