Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department

The Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department has been an integral part of our community since 1904, and it is with great pride that we continue to serve Fortuna and its residents. Our dedicated volunteer members are committed to delivering top-tier services, consistently being there when emergencies arise, including during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing from their professional training and diverse firefighting experiences, our team members work tirelessly to safeguard our community.

The Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department promptly responds to emergencies within Fortuna, Campton Heights, Hydesville, Fernbridge, Palmer Creek, Tompkins Hill, Alton, and Metropolitan. Our five Fire Companies remain on call 24/7, even in adverse weather conditions, holidays, and weekends. Our Fire District encompasses an area of approximately 26 square miles with a population of 15,000. Whenever the fire whistle sounds, our dedicated firefighters spring into action, leaving meals half-eaten, interrupting their sleep at all hours, and dropping whatever they’re doing to heed the call.

Beyond emergency response, the Department actively participates in community events throughout Fortuna. Our firefighters volunteer to set up and remove event banners and seasonal decorations, take part in parades with our fire trucks, and offer free rides on our antique fire engine. During rodeo week, we organize entertaining water games for kids and engage in friendly competitions for the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Fire Protection District equips the Department with essential resources, including five fire engines, one ladder truck, two water tenders, three rescue trucks, one utility vehicle, one brush rig, and four command vehicles.

The Fire District is overseen by a Board of Commissioners. Our roster includes one Chief, three Division Chiefs, five Battalion Chiefs/Captains, 10 Lieutenants, a Chaplain, a District Secretary, and 80 dedicated firefighters. All members are volunteers, except for the Fire Chief, Career Division Chief, Fire Prevention Officer, and District Secretary. These four full-time positions play a crucial role in ensuring the Department’s long-term success by implementing efficient and modern programs that contribute to the cost-effective operation of our professional volunteer fire agency.

Established June 20,1904

To preserve and protect the life, health and property of the residents of the Fortuna Fire Protection District from fire, disaster and emergency incidents through education, training, prevention and preparation.
We are committed to active participation within our community, to serve as role models and to effectively utilize all our available resources to provide the highest level of service possible.

We will strive to maintain our operational readiness and response capabilities to meet the needs of our community both now and into the future.

We value the following guiding principles and believe they establish the foundation upon which our members are able to build an effective emergency services team.

Honesty – Integrity – Respect – Teamwork – Professionalism

Last year our members logged in a total of 3441 hours on emergency response and service calls, 3279 hours of training, and responded to 1776 calls for service. We are currently running a roster of 50 active members, 12 support members, 11 auxiliary members and 11 junior firefighters.

Our Stations


Station 1

320 South Fortuna Blvd
Fortuna, CA 95540


Station 2

3050 School Street
Fortuna, CA 95540


Station 3

3495 California Hwy 36
Hydesville, CA 95547

Department Information